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In batteries, only two brands count: Energizer and Duracell. Rayovac, a forgotten brand with minuscule awareness and no budget to speak of, looked like an impossible task. So in that case – attack. Thanks to really understanding the product and some brave clients, we turned Rayovac loose on Duracell in full David-vs-Goliath mode. The in-market results were literally off the charts. And now, Rayovac has achieved the impossible. We’ve taken Rayovac from irrelevance to being a profitable third brand, taking share from Duracell and not their sister brand, Energizer. We’ve gone from patchy regional distribution to national distribution in the US and LATAM. Rayovac is a proud example of very effective creative that made a minuscule budget work very hard in CPG.

 “The secret weapon!” – CMO, Rayovac

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