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Sales Starts Before the Salesman Calls

    Every word of this ad, written in the 50’s, is true today.

    Sales teams are up against this everywhere across many industries. The sales cycle is long, costly and highly inefficient because the prospect has no idea who your company is, what your company stands for or why they should do business with you.

    And even more importantly, the buyer has no understanding of what’s in it for them personally at all.

    What can solve it is a great ad campaign – there’s so little great B2B advertising.

    One reason there isn’t much great B2B is the perception that advertising is inefficient and wasteful. Which in the digital era – which has made reaching the B2B target cheap – is simply not true. Put great creative into digital media – and, well, we’ve seen the returns.

    And certainly B2B advertising today is a lot less expensive and more efficient than having investors fund sales to the tune of millions and having sales be so slow.

    What’s missing is a great idea – but there is a process to develop that, it’s not that random if you know what you’re doing.

    So if you’re not trying to convince the person in the chair with the one thing proven to persuade, you’re wasting your time and your money and almost certainly burning out sales people needlessly.

    Don’t take my word for it. This ad was voted the best business to business ad ever created.


    Because it tells the truth.

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